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Pain below the big toe

The sesamoids are two tiny bones located beneath the large joint of the big toe. Sesamoiditis is inflammation of these tiny bones.


  • Pain in the ball of the foot just below the big toe joint.
  • Can be acutely painful
  • Can come on over time particularly at the commencement or changing of a training regime


  • Sports which involve loading of the forefoot such as running, tennis and daily fitness walking.
  • Wearing high heels for prolonged periods on hard surfaces
  • Dancing
  • Cleats position from soccer and football boots


  • Footwear advice
  • Activity modification – decreased load, frequency and check terrain
  • Correct of abnormal foot function – orthoses are designed to allow the foot to function around its normal position and deflect pressure from the site
  • Stretching – tight muscles can increase forefoot loading
  • Fracture – moon boot
  • Surgery – in very severe chronic cases unresponsive to conservative care

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