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Clinical & Specialist

Podiatry Services

We treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including:

Heel Pain

A condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present.

Sport Injuries

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of common foot injuries, such as growth plate injuries, achilles tendinitis, ankle sprain, stress fractures, X-Ray assessment,  rehabilitation.

Children’s Gate Analysis

Growth plate injuries, biomechanics, paediatric foot posture, growing pains, intoeing gate, verrucae, footwear, and orthotics.

Skin and Nail Problems

Ingrown toenail surgery, thickened nails, fungal nail, difficult nails, painful nails, tinea treatment, psoriasis, corns, callous.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic wounds, foot ulcers, medical-grade footwear, wound boot, wound management, collaboration with GP and other healthcare providers.

Painful Feet

We are experts in assessment, diagnosis and management of painful feet with footwear advice and exercise therapy being key to your success.

Orthosis Prescription

Our thorough service includes a Biomechanical Analysis, 3D Scanning, and Customised Orthotic Devices.

Swift Wart Removal

Swift Microwave Therapy is the most convenient and effective treatment for stubborn plantar warts. 

Shockwave Therapy

For regeneration of tendons, bones, muscles, and cartilage to treat soreness and injury. 


With a second degree in human movement studies, keeping you moving well is our priority. We provide general foot care services. We also offer more specialist services in bio mechanical assessment and orthortic prescription.


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