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We also offer more specialist services in biomechanical assessment, rehabilitation, and orthotic prescription.

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Rebecca Eakins
Principal podiatrist & Exercise physiologist

Rebecca has a special interest in lower limb injuries, movement problems, foot pain and leg pain. A tailored management plan will be created according to your diagnostic needs. This takes into account your pathology, sporting pursuits, lifestyle, pain levels and goals. In-depth analysis of your biomechanics and 3D scanning technology are some of the tools we use in this process.

‘I have been a ballet dancer for 12 years and have enjoyed playing netball, basketball and touch football socially.  I am a mother of four children and have maintained an active lifestyle throughout my life; so I understand how important this is for your general health.  I enjoy my profession and look forward to meeting you and finding out about all your lower limb concerns and goals for your future.

We are here to help you in any way we can.’

At Buderim Foot & Ankle we care about how your foot pain affects your daily life.

We want to learn about your activity levels, goals for work and fitness, footwear needs and expectations.

We listen and care. This information helps us formulate a plan for recovery from your injury and or foot and lower limb pain.


Sports podiatry is a key specialty in our practice, focusing on foot, ankle, and lower limb sports injuries.

We offer tailored rehab programs, ensuring a swift and effective return to peak performance. Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art shockwave therapy, a non-invasive treatment that promotes rapid healing and pain relief for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Additionally, we offer custom orthoses for enhanced support and injury prevention.

We are committed to restoring your peak performance with efficient and compassionate care.


Welcome to our shoe shop, specializing in podiatrist-approved footwear that offers exceptional support and comfort to enhance foot health. Our exclusive selection includes arch support thongs, slides, and orthotic sandals, uniquely designed to absorb more impact than traditional foam materials, reducing stress on feet and joints. 

Available Ways to Claim

Onsite claiming available for most major health funds supported by Tyro; Mediare Easyclaim for (EPC) referrals; Department of Vetern’s Affairs (DVA) requires a GP referral.  Eftpos available onsite. NDIS self managed and plan managed clients. Home Care packages (HCP).  No referral required, contact us for an appointment time.


With a second degree in human movement studies, keeping you moving well is our priority. We provide general foot care services. We also offer more specialist services in bio mechanical assessment and orthortic prescription.


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