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Ingrown toenails can be painful and limit your ability to work, exercise and wear shoes comfortably.  Ingrown toenails are a haven for bacteria as the feet are a in contact with the ground and can often be inside a warm, moist shoe encouraging their growth. This can also be a problematic if you have underlying diabetes or wound healing difficulties. 

Toe Nail Surgery

Toe nail surgery is one option for solving this problem.

Pain free partial nail removal is performed under a local anaesthetic in our clinic rooms. This is an excellent way to remove the offending nail and cauterise the base so this portion doesn’t grow forward again.

Assessment of medical history, vascular status and healing capacity are undertaken prior to this procedure being under taken.  It is recommended that you do not return to work or school on the same day of this procedure, however the next day is generally fine.

  • Yes you can go back to wearing enclosed footwear the next day after the procedure.
  • Yes you need to go home an elevate your foot for 2 hours post procedure.
  • Yes you need to keep the dressing dry for 24hours so best to have your shower prior to appointment

With a second degree in human movement studies, keeping you moving well is our priority. We provide general foot care services. We also offer more specialist services in bio mechanical assessment and orthortic prescription.


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